I have been perfecting the art on sports b*tting for over 10+ years. I've dedicated the time and spent countless hours to studying the lines in Las Vegas and analyzing data. I spend so much time researching and studying the plays because I HATE losing money, and most importantly, I want my clients to win! It isn't just a side hustle for me, I take this very seriously, it's not just a hobby, this is my life.

With me, you don't have to know anything about sports or watch any games! You're paying me to tell you what games to put your money on and rake in the winnings. You have to remember that this is a Marathon and not a Sprint. You hare ultimately responsible for your own choices and have to have money management and discipline. 

I won't deny, there are times that you will lose, but when it comes to putting your trust with me, I guarantee you will win more than you lose. I didn't start off with a bankroll. I started with nothing and I turned it into my livelihood. I started off with a couple hundred dollars a game and when I got to the thousands, I kept growing more and more. In 2020 alone I made over $1MM and have the proof on my IG for all to see. In 2021 that turned into another $1.5MM. If I can start from nothing and get to the top by grinding, you can too. It's my sole purpose and dedication to help you get there. 



The picks for the day are posted every morning around 6 AM PST. You can simply login to the membership page and see the picks for the day.  They are broken down by sport. Parlays for VIPs are either notified live or in the separate "Parlay" page.


Your membership is billed manually - these are not auto billed. This will also be corresponding to your direct membership choice (daily, weekly, monthly). In example - if you are on a daily membership, you will need to manually purchase the membership again the following day. This applies to the weekly and monthly memberships as well.


ML Means money-line it’s always usually the middle box under WIN just means they have to win

+ 9 or -9 is called the spread for example if it’s + 9 that’s underdog and they can win straight up or lose by less than 9. If it’s -9 they are favorite to win and have to win by 9 or more that’s always first box the spread like -1.5 + 1.5

The total O means over and U means under its always 3rd box next to team...the total doesn’t matter what team they both combined have to reach the total under or over number


There are no refunds. Each purchase goes through a standard terms of service checkbox prior to checkout claiming that this sale is final. You are responsible for either placing your bets or not. I do not claim to be a financial advisor nor do I claim to be. Each pick is opinion based on my own personal research and analysis.


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